BRILLIANT!!! I really, really hope he writes back!!! :)
drifting cloud

What fun this has been! Thanks for sharing every idiotic attempt this guy made to get your money. I wonder if these people realize that their scamming attempts are also all over the papers, the news, as well as the internet.
Txan TB

That was beautiful, I bow down to your greatness!

This is better than watching As The World Turns! I love it!

Thanks for the fun!! To Lanre: where ever you are...May the fleas of a thousand goats infest your nose!!! And to you and all your scumsucking scam buddies ... Don't Mess With Horse People!!
Sara, USA

Hi there-

Usually I wouls say that I think your e-mails back and forth to this person unnecessary and you shuold have just reported the jerk to the police a.s.a.p. However, I was in tears laughing so hard at your comments to this idiot. You were so poised and ready for him to come along and I think you did a great job handling yourself to the end! Just thought you should know!