Tell him that Dr. Tida (or Mr. Prosper o) wants to be with you SO much that he has agreed to pay the $10K for you. So you are going to Hawaii with him instead of Emmanuel.

Immediately after you e-mail him this, drop the final bomb that you knew about the scam all along.

How about that? Can't wait to read the final messages! You and Emmanuel could get jobs writing for a soap opera!
drifitng cloud

"runing hetre scatres"

Is this supposed to mean "running helter skelter"? So much good stuff in this thread but this is my favorite quote from Emmanuel (Esq.) so far.

Wow, Tracy. You are GOOD! Tom and Emmanuel and Nwoso Prosper o are probably making plans to spend the money!! The Western Union bill sure looks legit.
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This just gets better and better! So.. what if you "mistranscribe" the numbers in the 'sort' code (or whatever) so it "accidentally" goes to Rome? Or somewhere? With the LARGE amount you are supposed to be sending?

I'm actually enjoying this. It's a riot. The scammer obviously has this thing down and is used to dealing with morons. Daventry is not a moron.

This IS better than any so-called "reality TV" show.

This is better than reality TV.
Sea Monkey

I love it! I'm on the edge of my seat!

Emmanual's last letter makes me wanna barf though! I have the creepy crawlies!

Good job Tracey! You should write for soap operas!