Thanks for the scam information on your website. I listed a car on a website and after a few emails, it sounded too good to be true. I did some research and at one point put in Pacific Ocean Airliners on yahoo and your "Con the Con Man" article came up. Looking at the correspondences on the site, I saw one email that was virtually verbatim with the one that I received except "car" instead of "horse" - including the same misspelled words and grammer errors. Needless to say I stopped the transaction. Thanks for putting the scam info out on the web - hopefully it will help others as well.

Colorado, USA

Thanks to you posting your correspondence with your scam artist, I knew right away this was a scam.
so agian thank you.
Happy holidays to you.
(Richard was being scammed on a Mesa Marin Streetstock Car)

Hi there,

I have recently been "hit" my the Nigeria Horse Scam as I am one of my horses. When I received the very suspicious email, I immediately proceeded to your webpage, as a friend of mine had warned me and told me to read up on the scam at your page. I simple wanted to thank you for posting this amusing incident (that could have been catastrphic). I especially loved your section about testing for BSE!!

Thanks again,

you guys are a hoot!!!
I had the same exp wtih another guy for my welsh pony over the summer that I posted on
Supposedly an agent for a client in SA. What a bunch of wackos..
and most recently for a tb mare from a guy in 'isreal'
Are there some americans out there really this nieve??
thanks for the entertainment!!!!

Drum Hollow Farm
Athens, Ga.
"If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning." :-)