Daventrys Sugarsnap

September 29, 2019

Hi Tracy,

Just wanted to let you know that Sugar is adjusting beautifully. What a lovebug! Nothing is troubling her - grooming, clipping, or stall time. She seems very happy and has buddied up to my pregnant mare, Locust Grove Polanaise. No one is arguing and life is very, very good.



January 24, 2017

Hi Tracy,

Just thought you might be interested in an update on Bender (Bendroni). He has grown and is a really good boy. Doing lots of groundwork and he is so well behaved. He has been out on a trail ride and was a good boy and I'm looking forward to lots more of those as the weather improves. I'm so excited for the fun times we will have together. If he turns out as good as my 2nd best horse, which was a Welsh Cob too, then I will be ecstatic.

(Bender attended his first show on Sunday.) He went round 3 times and was clear each time. He won a 3rd and 4th. He was impeccably behaved and lots of people commenting and asking his breed.


Goldhills As You Like It

October 26, 2016

Peep is doing great and is soooooo sweet. An absolute barn favorite. She has been "adopted" by little Charlotte, a 5 year old girl, that gives her treats and takes her out to graze and grooms her and gives her lots of love and attention. Charlotte pretends she is her pony and it's fine with me because they are so darn cute together!!!


Daventrys Rubby Slippers

May 23, 2016

Well done, Tracy! Ruby is an absolute delight, and I have been meaning to email you forever. Despite Ruby's youth, she is good for the farrier and vet and easy for me to handle--such a willing little creature. I look forward to Ruby growing bigger--maybe maxing out at least 12.2 hands or so? Pony Finals would be fun. Villa Louis Carriage Classic? Time will tell, of course.

Warm regards,
Mary Dahlin

Daventrys Da Vinci

September 2, 2012

We took Vinny to his first show on Saturday and he was great. Champion in Baby Green! Small schooling show but we couldn't have asked for more from him. Check out the video on FB. He missed 1 lead change in the back but all 3 rounds were excellent. We just love him!


Scooby Doo

June 27, 2009

Joker did the 2'6" class at Northampton & was the only pony competing in a class of over 20. He placed 4th & 5th with our trainer riding. She was SO impressed with him & got LOTS of compliments on him. Check out the cute photo. There weren't any classes for Devin there, but she'll show him again soon.


Peter Pan

December 5, 2008

Hi Tracy,

We bought Peter Pan a little over a year ago for our daughter - now 9 years old. He has been a great first pony for her! When we first got him, she was just getting the basics of riding doing some cross rail jumping, etc. She was not that confident as she had fallen off many times, including an incident where she broke her thumb. Through the early months she didn't really want to jump so they took it slowly but Peter has helped her develop her confidence to the point that she can't get enough jumping and wants to jump higher and higher. Now a year later she has shown Peter in two 'A' shows, in Short Stirrup and Schooling Pony. They have placed in almost every class including a first, second, a couple of thirds, etc... Peter is quiet, sweet, honest and very forgiving as well as being a good and reliable pony in the show ring!

Here's a picture from last Fall - I'll send more if we get some from the shows.

Lisa Poole

Sonic The Hedgehog

August 13, 2008

Hi Guys,

So, I wanted to send an update on Sonic. He and Rylee went to their first show together today and were superstars. 31 in dressage and then double clear xc and double clear stadium. Ended in 2nd place up against some adults in the amoeba 2foot 3 phase. They are going to do tadpole next weekend and have been schooling 2'6 at home like rock stars.

Rhonda & Rylee

Scooby Doo

August 4, 2008

Hi Tracy,

Thought you would be interested to know that Zack, now 9, has decided to take up horseback riding and Marty is training him. Pretty funny to watch Marty teaching an absolute beginner! So Zack has had about three or four lessons on Joker, and to his credit he has been an absolute Saint! We had a little show at our barn. Lead line didn't fill, but Zack wanted to show so they did a W/T, W/T with trotting poles, and demonstration of his fabulous 2-point. Even won a blue ribbon!

New York

Foothills Ruby

June 21, 2008

Hi Tracy,

Just a quick update to let you know that I took Ruby to a combined training show this past weekend, and while our training level dressage test wasn't so hot (they were scoring very hard, and my trainer who read the test and watched ringside said it should have been a low 70s score, so go figure on what happened, though it was still a qualifying score for year-end championships) we did take second again in our CT class, pre-novice, which was a move up a level from last year. We also took reserve high-point CT score for the show! I'll be doing more of those this year, and barring any problems, I will also be seeing you at Indiana, Tracey...I have already sent in my stall reservations and just need to figure out what we are going in. I don't know that we'll do hunter just yet as we haven't yet moved up to 2'9", but we'll be there doing some things! English Pleasure and Ridden Cob I would say are definites, as well as Adult Trail.


All Jazzed Up

May 7, 2008

Hi Tracy

We took Jazz to her first Trillium show and she was a star. We showed her in the schooling pony as we have been taking things slow with her and it is really paying off. She will be ready to move to the real larges soon. But she was Champion in the school pony. She got a 3rd and 4th o/f and won her hack and there were 15 in. Karly just adores her. We are off to the first A show tomorrow in Palgrave.


Storylands Robin Hood

July 18, 2007

Hey Tracy wanted to update you on the ponies. Robin is coming along so great my daughter broke him and he is walk trot cantering and changing his leads and jumping small courses.

New Jersey

Photo Credit: Hoof Print Images

June 11, 2007

Hey Trac...got a chance to see Jack show this weekend at Blue Rock in PA! He was a shining star...forget if there were 11 or 12 ponies, but he won both the over fence classes, 5th in the hack, and Champion!! He gets his name on the big silver platter! It was so exciting, he was awesome!! She also won the equitation medal class, out of 17 ponies, combined with the larges!! It was so awesome to share the day with them!!!

He got lots of compliments and folks are really noticing him!!

Talk to you soon,

Made Ya Look

Photo Credit: Mane Focus

March 17, 2007

Hi Tracy,

Both are coming along so quickly it is unbelievable. They are walk, trot cantering and jumping a small little coarse. They aren't cantering the jumps but Odie actually got some air over the fence and cantered away yesterday. We joke that he "runs out of quarters" he is so laid back and runs out of steam and Dominique runs out of steam because he takes so much leg.

Jazz has a little more of a spark to her. Everyday she shows us how athletic she is. If she keeps going the way we think she will she is going to be pretty special. She did a lead change each way this week and it was very natural. Both ponies really enjoy their jobs, which makes things so much easier. But the girls both love them.


Eline & Thunder

September 25, 2006

Hi Tracy,

Aries is doing really well and loves coming into his stall for breakfast. I have attached a picture I took of my oldest, Eline(7), taken yesterday with Thunder (a.k.a. Aries) in the cross ties. And another one I took this morning at the gate after turning him back out. He has such a sweetheart personality, absolutely everything and then some I could have wished for in a horse.

Hope all is well there!


By Design with new owner Stephanie

September 12, 2006

Hi Tracy,

Peaches is coming along just great. Her flat work is getting very solid and she has her lead changes. We have started jumping her, just very small stuff but she is very brave and willing. Stephanie just loves her, they are for sure a perfect match. Her trainer still gets on for training rides (and I really enjoy her myself!!) but Stephanie does most of the riding now. Her first show away from home would have been last weekend, but fires and Santa Ana winds winds put a stop to that. Next show will hopefully be in the beginning of October. We are so happy with her and hope to give you some great show results soon.


Stuart Little & Brianna

February 28, 2006

Hi Tracy,

I left you a phone message but I thought while I was at the computer I would e-mail some semi-recent photos of Stormy. He is a wonderful, fun, dependable pony. He was Reserve Champion CHJA (Colorado Hunter Jumper Assoc.) large pony in 2001 (by about 1 point). Brianna showed Stormy at the A shows in the short and long stirrup classes. He is always 1st or 2nd in the hacks, and always gets his flying changes, even if Brianna would forget to ask. Hes 14 now.

Holli (Trainer)

Sweet Georgia Brown

The Sundance Kid

September 26, 2005

Hi Tracy,

Georgia is fine. She is so cute. We backed her on Friday and she is just a doll. My daughter who is eleven and about 60 lbs rode her this weekend. She is having a little trouble balancing but is getting better. She is so quiet and really wants to please.

Sundance is doing well too. An older girl backed him on Friday as well. He has a lot more energy than Georgia but was really good.


Sonic The HedgeHog

June 22, 2005

Hi Tracy,

I hope that you are doing well. Melanie and Sonic are doing Great! We really love him and we were so nervous getting a pony technically sight unseen except for the photo's and video's...but we are really happy and can always be used as a reference if needed.

Thank you so much for your time and help, and I look forward to hearing from you. Sonic will be attending his first dressage show next weekend. We'll let you know how he does.

Warm regards,

Scooby Doo

May 22, 2005

Hi Tracy!

We just got back from the show. Joker was a really good boy!! We took both of them intending to use Joker for the flat classes in equitation and perhaps a jumping class depending on how he was behaving.....but he was so good that we put him in all four classes of equitation and added him to hunters at the last minute. Stephi had warmed up Snickers, and Joker had been lunged, but by the time we put Joker together, the warm up was over! Yikes!! They went right in and got a third in walk-trot (ten entries) and a sixth in one of the jumping classes even though he hadn't seen the course! In hunters he was fourth, sixth, and seventh over fences (11 or 12 entries). Once they get a bit more experience together they should do great things. Some of the ponies have been around for a long time and are really push button. One of them, Mickey Mouse, has been on the Florida circuit and in all the big stuff around New York for years and years. Ditto for Playstation, Toys R Us, and to some degree Mah Jong. So, I was pleased with Joker's debut! >We don't have another show until mid June, but we'll keep you updated!

Thanks again!
New York

Oliver Twist

May 15, 2005

It is with great pride (and a few tears in my eyes) that I let you know that point wise, Oliver Twist was champion in both his hunter divisions today! (crosspole & 2') :)) We also placed 4th in Equitation and 1st in Pleasure (our very first 1st!) Oliver also received more than a dozen compliments on how handsome he was, what a good ride he was, etc and I couldnt be more proud or happy to have such a wonderful horse.

Thank you for everything.

Legally Blonde

April 29, 2005


I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much we love Jewel. She arrived March 11th on Ceely's birthday. And it was love at first sight. She is everything you said she was, and more. Friday we took Jewel to the Utah Hunter and Jumper Show. Knowing the competition was going to be very tough we only expected to gain experience and have a good time. It was Ceely's first recognized show, and the first for Jewel under saddle. We entered 6 classes against 11 other horses and ponies. (Including a $25,000 Thoroughbred and a $20,000 pony from our barn). We were pleasantly surprised when Ceely and Jewel won 5 ribbons and currently have the highest points in their division.

Thank you Tracy!! Jewel is more then we could have ever hoped for. We looked for the right pony for Ceely for a long time. Many more expensive than Jewel. None felt quite right. But patience pays off. Ceely's confidence has soared since having Jewel. She paints pictures of her and talks about her constantly. We will update you through the summer as the show season continues.

Scott and Kathy Davis

Jumpin Jack Flash

February 27, 2005

Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to let you know that Jack won a class in the Small Pony Division at WEF this morning. This is his first time showing in the division (against the TOP ponies in the country, they are all older than he is and have been doing it forever).

I'm so proud of him!!
North Carolina

Roq N Roll

January 11, 2005

Hi Tracy - Bob was shown VERY lightly last year. He went to HITS Saugerties in May, but only for schooling purposes, and he jumped around the course in the big hunter ring as if it was nothing and was unphased by the golf carts, bicycles, wind, pouring rain on one day, and all the general activity of being at a five day show. In July he "stood in" for one of the school horses, and took a beginner rider into the long stirrup division, getting low ribbons in classes of about 20. He went to St. Peters Church horse show with me in September, winning all four of his classes with me, and getting prizes in low hunters with his trainer. In December he did the "jumper night", and won the first class (again, he didn't know it was jumpers, he was ridden like a hunter, it was just an outing for him)

I plan to try to show more this coming year. He has grown even more, and at this point he is MUCH too big for me. During this new winter I can see where he is filling out quite a bit, so it will be interesting to see what horse I have in the spring, his shoulders are getting HUGE. He has quite a group of fans, despite his limited show schedule, and responds very well to people shouting "Hi Bob" - almost to the point of making it difficult - he hears his name and he has to look to see who is talking to him. He loves the show life and travels like a dream, the only problem is bringing enough hay to keep him entertained, he feels his show job is to eat.

I am still very happy with him and he is doing very well.

Huckleberry Finn

October 6, 2004

Hi Tracy,

I have been meaning to drop you a line. We all LOVE Finn. What a sweetheart. Mike, Rene (his wife) and his two little girls totally adore him. We all went on blind faith, and a couple of short videos :)), and just a "feeling" about him. He is a perfect gentleman. I have ridden him 3 times already. Just walk/trot, but he was wonderful. We couldn't be more pleased. Just want to thank you for all the quick responses and work on your part. I hope to be able to do business with you again.

Meagan (Trainer)

King Of The Road

May 2004

Here are three photos of him from last weekend. He was 4th in a Sec. I speed class with our daughter - it was her first weekend in the jumper ring.

King continues to thrive. He loves his job. We have had him in our barn for 6 years now and he is one of the best horses we have ever bought. He did the seniors division with my husband for the past three years then moved on to introduce our daughter to the jumper ring. He is an incredible horse and we are thrilled to have him.


Dudley Dooright

May 2004

Hi Tracy

Paco is doing great we just absolutely love him. I did mean to e-mail you when he arrived but just kept putting it off and then lost your e-mail address.

We clipped him shortly after he arrived, as it was quite warm here and it took forever to cool him out after his rides, he looks even cuter now. He is a big hit here at the farm and I think hell be here for a long time. Feel free to keep in touch.

Take care,
(bought sight unseen)

Daddys Money

Charlie Brown

Simon Says

May 2004

Hi Tracy, its Becca. Thanks for getting me Reina's show records. She is officially sold as of yesterday. I am going to miss her though she was a very sweet pony. You would never know she was only 4. I showed her in the 2'6" and she did it no problem. She also now has auto lead changes and was the quietest pony in my barn (literally). All the kids LOVED her. She now has 2 very young little ones to pack around. They are just starting in the walk/trot on her and Reina loves them.

Charlie is doing very well... he is the "ideal" packer now. All the kids are in love with him. Apart from Reina he is one of the quietest ponies I have ever had.

I actually took him (Simon) to another horse show today and he will show again tomorrow. As I told you he was pretty spooky when he first got here. He thought california was pretty scary, but I think he has changed his mind. I have been showing him in the Baby Green at 2'6" and he has been great. He jumps awesome and he is jumping everything now... he also has auto changes. We kind of have him up for sale, but I would love to keep him for about 6 more months because he is just now starting to get awesome.

Becca (Trainer)

Jack Frost

March 2004

We bought "Alex" (Jack Frost) a year ago, and he is currently doing the Childrens Division in Zone 2 with my daughter, Katie, who just turned 9. He is an awesome pony! I am in the midst of scanning 3 over fences pictures for you. Wait until you see him jump! This was at Blue Rock Horse show, AA rated. Katie got a 3rd and a 4th over fences out of 18. No schooling, he went in cold. She was against 4 kids that went to Zone Finals last year!



February 2004

Hi Tracy,

I've had lots of fun with Gypsum-she's a wonderful mare. I took her home (we have a farm) to Bethany as soon as I bought her so she's pretty spoiled here. We had fun at the few shows I found time to go to at the end of the summer. I'll hopefully do the adult hunters this year. She's lovely to ride; we just need to get the partnership down pat.

I bought her to show for a couple of years and then hopefully have a few foals (or one). My show schedule is pretty relaxed so there's lots of hacking weeks in between. Gypsy has her penthouse apt. in the broodmare end of the barn so she has the big 16X12 stall and is across from her friends so I think she likes it here.

I'm sure she was a special horse for you so rest assured she has a great life here and I'm very fond of her and have no plans to sell her at any point. Most of mine are lifers!


Cookie Monster

February 2004


Fritz is doing well. When it was really cold here and we did not turn out he got a little rude, but not bad. Everyone loves him and wants to ride him. We have put some "older" kids on him (12) with long legs and they learn quite quickly how to stay in the middle.

We will definitely keep an eye on your web site for sale horses and ponies. Right now we do not have anyone looking but maybe at the end of this summer.

Hope you are having a good winter and thanks again for the great ponies!


Tootsie Roll

June 2003

Just a note to say your girls are doing well. Gina took Stuffy to a fun show just to get her off the farm, and both girls had fun. She's ridden both a couple times and is enjoying them.


Stuart Little

August 2000

Hi! This is Megan! I just got back from a show with Stormy. We were showing in the Children's Pony Hunters at an "A" show in Estes Park. We got two 1sts, two 2nds, and two 3rds and we were overall champion! We got second in the hack which we would've won but we didn't carry enough energy and we accidently cantered when we were suppose to trot so 2nd was pretty good. Well, I better go now. I just thought I'd let you know how we did!

(one week after he arrived)


July 2000


More Amy news. We Went to our first large rated dressage show, and she was a star. Of course, I remember you talking about how she steps on toes, and sure enough she jumped away from an exploding horse, right on my right foot. We're talking ugly here! But just kept the boot laced up tight and it limited the swelling so that I could ride. She was entered in the lower level intro type division and training level, just to keep things low key. This was a large show with many commercial booths, busy warm-up rings and the like, so I didn't want to pressure her brain too much. Well, she was a star, winning all five of her classes, the championship, and the show staff were starting to give me a bad time, ala "what are you back for, you're over your limit of blue ribbons..." Best of all, she didn't seem to mind the confinement, which often bothers a young horse, and really got into the daytime nap routine. Now she gets a few days off to just be a horse and maybe go for a trail ride.

Now, here's the question - I have a client looking for a horse...I have enough confidence in your integrity to buy a horse from you without trying it, if the video looks good. Appreciate your help!!!!


We have a "Welcome Home" policy for all horses & ponies that we have bred, sold or that are sired by any of our stallions. Should an owner ever find themselves in unfortunate circumstances, or a horse or pony is in need of retirement, they may be returned to our farm at any time.