Con The Con Man - Virtual Torture

Last month, a friend gave me the idea that I needed to step up my game for Con The Con Man. My husband and I got the idea to start recording my calls and uploading them to YouTube. We sat down and wrote out storylines and scenarios that would be funny for our friends and family to listen to as a way of relieving the stress of the pandemic.

I decided one of the storylines would involve seeing how long and/or how many times we could put the scammer on hold. We took a day and thought of music that would be perfect to use for someone on hold and I downloaded sound clips off the internet and saved them to a "Scammer" file. For the last month, whenever the phone rings, I have been running to my computer to press record and get all of the sound files ready for use. Sadly, 30 days has gone by without a single scammer call. What the heck?

Finally got our first crack at virtual torture this morning and I think it went pretty well. I was able to keep the scammer on the phone for over 28 minutes, which prevented him from scamming someone else. The video has been condensed down to 24 minutes. We had a lot of fun doing this, learned some things we need to fix, and cannot wait for the next call! I guarantee you, the "hold" music for future calls is going to be epic! I really hope this helps brighten someone's day and gives you a good laugh. I know it did for us!

A word of CAUTION as some of the below videos include ADULT LANGUAGE!

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